Friday, April 29, 2011

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The Wedding was fun to watch.

I enjoyed the hymns, especially Jerusalem

I also really liked the trees that were in the Abbey.  It added a natural, earthy feel to the space.  I loved the contrast of the natural elements with the grandeur of Westminster Abbey.  It kind made it seem like a garden wedding. 

 I loved the dress.  It reminded me of Grace Kelly.

The Duchess changed into another dress for the evening reception. 

Pippa looked nice too. 

It doesn't look like this little bridesmaid is having much fun.

The couple added a modern touch by leaving the palace in a traditional wedding getaway car.  Very cute.

I got up at 4:20am.  So I'm sooooo tired right now.  I about to go to bed.  I dropped Zoe off at day before school and they were serving Wedding cake and mimosas in honor of the wedding. Now that's a classy doggie day care -ha.

Amy posted this on Facebook and it was fun so I thought I'd share it here.  Leave a comment and share your Royal wedding guest name.  
In honor of the big wedding, tell us your royal wedding guest name. Start with either Lord or Lady. Your first name is one of your grandparents' names. Your surname is the name of your first pet, double-barreled with the name of the street you grew up on. Leave a comment and post yours here.  
My Royal Guest Name is . . . Lady Edna Buffy of Verna

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding!

The complete program for the wedding can be downloaded here.
It includes the order of service , all the music that will be included in the ceremony, a personal note from the bride and groom along with historical details about Westminster Abbey.

I'll be setting my alarm to get up very early:) 

The following schedule of royal wedding events is in Eastern Standard Time.

3:00 a.m. - 4:00 a.m. -- The morning of April 29 will start with an announcement from the Queen's office stating the titles that Prince William and Kate Middleton will take.

3:15 a.m. -- General wedding guests will start showing up at Westminster Abbey. These guests will enter the church through the Great North Door.

4:50 a.m. -- VIPs, such as Governors-General and Prime Ministers of Countries under the Commonwealth of England, Diplomatic Corps and distinguished guests, arrive at Westminster Abbey. They will enter the church through the West Door.

5:10 a.m. -- Prince William and best man, Prince Harry, depart Clarence House.

5:15 a.m. -- Prince William and Prince Harry arrive at Westminster Abbey.

5:20 a.m. -- Members of foreign royal families, including Prince Albert of Monaco and Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain, arrive at the church.

5:20 a.m. -- Kate's mother Carole Middleton and brother James Middleton, depart the Goring Hotel.

5:27 a.m. -- Carole and James Middleton arrive at Westminster Abbey.

5:30 a.m. -- Members of the Royal Family begin arriving at the Abbey

5:38 a.m. -- Father of the groom, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, depart Clarence House.

5:40 a.m. -- Prince Andrew (uncle of the groom) and his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie; Princess Anne (aunt of the groom), and her husband; Prince Edward (uncle of the groom) and his wife, arrive at Westminster Abbey and enter church through the West Door.

5:40 a.m. -- Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip depart Buckingham Palace.

5:40 a.m. -- Prince William and Prince Harry will move into St. Edmunds Chapel until moments before the royal wedding begins.

5:42 a.m. -- Prince Charles and Camilla arrive at the Abbey.

5:45 a.m. -- Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are the last guests to arrive at Westminster Abbey.

5:48 a.m. -- Kate's bridesmaids and William's pageboys depart the Goring Hotel.

5:51 a.m. -- Kate Middleton, accompanied by her father, will depart the Goring Hotel in a 1978 Rolls-Royce from the royal state car collection and make her way to Westminster Abbey.

5:55 a.m. -- Bridesmaids and pages arrive at the church.

5:58 a.m. -- The bride, Kate Middleton, who will be officially be known as Catherine, and her father Michael arrive at Westminster Abbey.

6 a.m. -- The ceremony begins. The service is set to last just over an hour and will include vows and a sermon delivered by the Bishop of London, private clergyman to the queen.

7:15 a.m. -- Prince William and the new Princess Catherine will depart Westminster Abbey, by carriage, and process to Buckingham Palace. The carriage carrying the bride and groom will be followed by 4 other carriages carrying their bridal party, parents and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

7:30 a.m. -- The Bride and Groom arrive at the Grand Entrance of Buckingham Palace.

7:40 a.m. -- Members of the royal family, foreign royal families, and other reception guests begin arriving at Buckingham Palace.

8:25 a.m. -- The married couple reappear on the balcony at Buckingham Palace with the Queen and their families for 10 minutes.

8:30 a.m. -- The Royal Air Force, where Prince William serves as a search-and-rescue pilot, will perform a flyover.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's nice to have options!

I'm glad I have more career options than the women of my mother's generation.  However, I still sometimes feel under-appreciated in the workplace.  In my opinion, no woman better expresses this sentiment  then Dolly.

She said it best. . . . .

Workin' nine to five
What a way to make a livin'
Barely gettin' by
It's all takin' and no givin'
They just use your mind
And they never give you credit
It's enough to drive you
Crazy if you let it
Nine to five, for service and devotion
You would think that I
Would deserve a fair promotion
Want to move ahead
But the boss won't seem to let me
I swear sometimes that man is out to get me
They let your dream
Just a' watch 'em shatter
You're just a step
On the boss man's ladder
But you got dreams he'll never take away
In the same boat with a lot of your friends
Waitin' for the day your ship'll come in
And the tide's gonna turn
And it's all gonna roll your way

Speaking of career options. . . . . . . .

I was surprised to get a call this afternoon about another job opportunity.  I had been told this particular school district would not be hiring counselors this year due to the statewide budget cuts.  The district is in the Metroplex, so if employed there, I would be able to stay in Dallas.

It's funny how things change.  I've been looking for a counseling job for three years.  In the past I was not open to leaving Dallas. I was absolutely closed to the idea.  However in the past few months, God has been working on me.

I guess I should start by saying that I read some ridiculous self-help article a few months ago.  This was not a Christian article, it was secular in nature and appeared in some generic home magazine, nothing scientific for sure.  The main idea of the article was this; If you continue to do the same thing, you will get the same result.  If you want different results in life, change what you are doing. I would also like to add that even though this theory seemed to stir some movement in my professional life. It was a total bust in my personal life.  I could look at it and see that in the past I would not have even considered applying for jobs outside the Dallas Metro area - and of course I never got a counseling job.  On the same hand you could say now that I open to the idea of moving, it seems that I have had more opportunities to interview, obviously increasing my chances of getting hired.

Now to set the record straight. The article itself had nothing  to do with my recent interview opportunities. I believe my life is is in the Lord's hands.  He is in control.  I''m not saying the theory is a totally bad idea.  I can see how it could apply to many areas of ones life such as weight loss, finance or time management. However, in the case of my job search. my family and I have been praying about the situation for years.  We know He is Lord. 

So why did I read the article in the first place?  I don't know.  But it's possible that God used the article to encourage me to think about the job search differently.  As I started thinking about what my life would be like in a new city, God gave me peace and reminded me that He would be there too.  He would also make a way for me to meet new friends and find a new place to worship and serve Him.  In time I began to feel open to the idea that I would move, if the Lord lead me to do so.

I shared earlier that I was ready to leave my comfort zone.  It's just been in recent weeks that I began to open my heart to the idea of moving.  Don't get me wrong, it's crazy scary.  Being a single girl, it would be a huge deal for me to just pick up and start life over, in a new place, where I didn't know anyone.  I feel like I've been on an emotional roller coaster.  One day I'm actually excited about the possibility of a fresh start in a new place and breaking out of the rut I've been in lately.  The next day I'm thinking I must be crazy to leave my friends, my church, my sweet little East Dallas Neighborhood and a good school district where I've been for 12 years. 

Over this past week I've looked at housing options online and hunted down old school mates and Facebook friends who may be living in or around my prospective new cities.  When I found out today about the local opportunity, I was a little shocked that I wasn't more excited.  I immediately began to over analyze it as only I can do.  I started thinking that of course this is the easiest option.  It's so much easier than having to move.  Lets face it - moving is a hassle. However it is the best way to clean house. There was also a little sadness about the possibility of not moving?  weird.

The fact remains that I have not yet been offered a  job.  I may not be offered any of these jobs.  I leave it in the Lords hands.  I will continue to pray for clarity and wisdom. I have two interviews next week.  Please pray for me as I seek God's will and keep my heart open to whatever He has for me.

In any case - It's nice to have options.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Here are some cute pics of Zoe that were taken in the past couple of weeks.
These were taken at her Day Care - Kinder Kritter - in Dallas. 

They even have a web cam so you can log on and check in on your Kritter!
Check it out here.

I''m glad I pay good money for her to spend the day at day care and get some much needed exercise - ha!

I guess she did need a nap after all the playtime.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Tomb is Empty!

I hope you all have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good News!

God is good!  I've been praying all week if there was anything wrong with my Jeep that it would be covered under the extended warranty.   Major car repairs are not something I could deal with right now.

The Jeep is good to go.  Apparently there were just a few things that needed tightening up - nothing major.  The new tire came in today and will be put on tomorrow.  Now I just have to find a time to switch cars with The Rents again.  Mom is off work Friday but I'm not because of the snow days:(  Dad has to do a funeral on Saturday and of course Sunday is Easter, so I might be keeping the Maxima a little longer than planned.  Good for me - not so much for Mom.

In other news, I'm glad Amy is back in town.  She visited Kansas City earlier in the week to attend an awards ceremony where her dad was honored.  While in town she also got to see the Lady Diana Exhibit.  After checking out the website I'm totally jealous.  The exhibit runs through June before heading back to the UK.  I really want to see it.  Amy said it was worth the modest ticket price just to see the dresses, which include the wedding dress and full train.

Anyone up for a trip to Kansas City?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

His Perfect Plan!

I'm a planner.  I always have my calendar handy.  I guess I like to be in control.  Knowing what's coming next is comforting to me.  I've been a planner as long as I can remember.  It's kind of second nature to me. I can be spontaneous about some things, but I have to work at it. 

Lately, things have kind of been up in the air for me.  I have to admit that I've been letting it get to me.  Yesterday I came across these verses in my quiet time and they gave me peace.  I thought I'd share them here, in hopes that they may speak to some of you too.

Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

But I trust in you, O Lord; I say, You are my God. My times are in your hands. Psalm 31:14-15

Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.  Isaiah 25:1

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me;  your love, O Lord, endures forever -do not abandon the works of your hands.  Psalm 138:8

Monday, April 18, 2011

Zoom Zoom!

I'm enjoying driving my mom's sweet ride. I'm loving the push button start, sunroof, moonroof, back up camera, great sound system, cooled seats, retractable back sun shield and I have to watch that I'm not speeding - it has a little more power than the Compass. I'm remembering how much I liked the V6 when I had one. It kind of makes the jeep seem a little sad.

No word on the Jeep yet.  I hope it's nothing too bad. 

Sorry Mom, I hope your not stuck driving Dad's truck.  I owe you.  Thanks.

Please remember I said I would have been happy with the convertible but you said it was unsafe for city driving.

2010 Nissan Maxima

Friday, April 15, 2011

One of those days. . . .

Yesterday was one of those days. 

I had a meeting south of Tyler in the afternoon.  I left school early so I could get there in time.  I made a quick stop in Tyler on the way and that's when my car battery died!  I was able to find a kind stranger who was willing to give me a jump start but there was trouble opening the hood. Something was wrong with the latch. (A couple of months ago, my hood came open while I was driving on the highway - maybe  I should get it checked) It took about 25 minutes to get it opened along with the use of a  creative makeshift tool. I finally got back on the road with no time to spare.

When I arrived in Jacksonville, I couldn't find the street I needed.  Thanks to BFF Amy for pulling it up online and directing me to my destination.  Turns out the street I was looking for doesn't actually intersect with the main road like it does on the map. I pulled onto the parking lot 7 minutes before the meeting.  I was glad to have made it but at this point I was just hoping my car would start again when I headed home.

After the meeting I got back in the Jeep, said a little prayer and it started.  I headed to Sears in Tyler for a new battery. While at Sears I had my tires rotated since I got them at Sears in November and it was free.  I had noticed a slow leak in one tire over the past week so I asked them to check it.
Within an hour I had a new battery and a screw in my tire. The screw was of course the cause of the leak.  Unfortunately the tire couldn't be patched and even though the tires are under warranty, it was out of stock.  So I still have a screw in my tire. 

I've also been hearing a rattle under the hood for a couple of months.  The Sears guy heard it too and said I should get it checked out which I was planning to do anyway.  I hate putting my car in the shop because I either have to rent a car or be stranded at home while it's there.

Upon hearing my sad story, The Rents have decided to switch cars with me today. This way Dad can oversee all car repairs: The rattle, the tire, and the hood latch.

The Rents Rock - I really do have the best parents.  I could never thank them enough for all they do for me.  I promise to be careful with Mom's new car while I have it.  Oh how I'm glad she no longer has "The Mother Ship" (her old Lincoln Town Car) I don't think I would fit in my parking space.

Needless to say, I got home much later and far more frazzled than anticipated last night. All is well that ends well:)

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

In the midst of all the craziness yesterday I was and still am thankful for my wonderful parents, great friends and a new day in front of me.  I am so blessed.

 Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

I've felt for a while like I've been kind of stuck - so to speak. I've come to a place in my life life where I'm ready to step out on faith - step out of my comfort zone.  Do something different. I feel some changes coming on.  I don't know what the future holds for me - but I know I'm never alone.

Have a good weekend. If you are local please join us at Lakeside Baptist Sunday evening for our Easter Musical. 

Random side note:  If April 29th wasn't a State testing day, I would totally skip work to stay home and watch the Royal Wedding and all if it's fanfare.  I'll have to DVR it!  This was funny - check it out.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011 so far . . .

It's sad that my first blog entry for 2011 is in Mid April. I've had some computer trouble this year that has prevented me from blogging but I hope to fix that soon.

So far 2011 has been pretty crazy. I got a blood clot in my right leg the first week in January. Turns out I have a genetic mutation called MTHFR c677t that caused the clot and apparently puts me at risk to get another one. I have two copies of the mutation, one from each parent. Thanks Mom and Dad - my parents have always been so generous - ha! It's all pretty much under control now. It was just a little scary.

I am once again searching for a counseling job and realizing that I may have to leave the Dallas area to make it happen, especially now with all of the education cut backs. As hard as it would be to leave Dallas - a change might do me good.

I've been painting a little - here are a couple of things I've done this year. I think I'm going to do pottery next. I found a studio here in Dallas and I may sign up for a summer class at a local college. I'll try to not take 4 months to post again.