Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Girl Scouts!

It's that time a year again. Even though I am really trying to eat better in this new year, I did order a couple of boxes that I will stash away in the freezer and forget about for a while. I have to order every year and support the Girl Scouts. Growing up in Dumas Arkansas I remember my Brownie days as happy ones. I still remember meeting at the Methodist Church and taking trips to Little Rock to meet Gov. Bill Clinton and receive our Government badges.

This past summer while in Savannah Ga. Amy and I visited the Juliette Gordon Low home. She was the founder of the Girl Scouts and quite spunky too from the information gathered on the tour. She was very crafty and loved the outdoors which was not exactly becoming of a young lady in her day. She enjoyed wood working and welding.

Later in Savannah we took a late night Ghost Tour that walked right past the Juliette Gordon Low home while the guide told stories of Ghost seen in and around the house. Amy's camera was able to capture some sort of orb. I'll have to get a copy of it to post. Spooky!
Support the Girl Scouts. Buy Cookies.