Sunday, November 8, 2009

Betsy's Bargains!

I found some great bargains this weekend:)

Friday night Christa and I had dinner at Rockfish. Yum. Then we stopped by Yankee Candle and snagged some deals on the new Christmas collection. We used two coupons and each got a couple of large Jar candles for the holiday season.

Saturday I stopped at a few Yard sales and found a treasure or two. I think I spent a total of $16.00.
Here is my big find. A vintage trunk - Just $10.00! Too bad I can't make it fit anywhere in my tiny apartment. I guess I got so excited about the great deal that I didn't really think about what I'd do with it. Steffi will take it for now, she has room for it and it's great for storage. Someday I'll have room for all my great finds.

I would like to thank Nick who helped me get the trunk out of my car, up the stairs and into my apartment. Then he helped me move the furniture in three rooms as I tried to make it fit somewhere. And last, he helped my put all the furniture back in it's original place when I finally realized the trunk wasn't going to fit. Thanks Nick.

Saturday afternoon I went to J.C. Penny's in search of a new coat. I found this cute red one, originality $225.00 but with the Sale and a coupon I had it came to $49.00. I fab coat for under $50.00 - Snaps for Betsy! Now if it were only cool enough to wear it.