Thursday, January 23, 2014

Holiday Recap!

I can't say why, but it's been really hard to find time to blog lately. Here is a quick recap of my holiday season!

1.  I did an online "Tree Tour" by tweeting an ornament from my Christmas tree every day in December!  It was fun and something different from my usual Holiday Home Tour that I share on my blog.

Here is the string I promised to post more about.  It's not really and ornament, but I tie it on the tree each year to remind me of the blessing my family is to me.  It's really a strip of name tags.  It's basically a little ribbon printed with my name, over and over.  My maternal grandmother would order spools of it, one for each grandchild.  She would snip off a section and stitch it onto things she made us, or in clothes that were going to camp.  When we cleaned out her house a few years back I found this one little piece of mine in her sewing box.  I kept it!  I'm either a hoarder or just really sentimental.  The name tag can still be found all over my home, on all sorts of things Momma Thelma made for me. Here it is on a quilt I use at the foot of my bed. 

Yes, My name used to be spelled Betsie - Mom changed it to Betsy when I started school.  Everyone kept calling my Bessie - it annoyed her and she thought the spelling change might help.

2.  I spent Christmas in Nederland with the Rents!  Steffi, Tad and Beau joined for a few days.  We played games, watched movies and did a little holiday baking.

3.  I got bored over the break and decided to cut my hair.  Already a decision I'm regretting.  Oh well, at least it will grow.

4.  I've started back to Jazzercise. It's exercise, so I hate it, but it is better than most other types of workouts I've tried in the past.  I hope I can stick to it. 

I can't believe January is almost over. I'm meeting up with the Dallas friends this weekend - very excited!  I feel like I haven't seen them in FOREVER!

The annual summer road trip with Amy and Christa is already in the works!  Savannah and Charleston - Here we come!  I'm ready.