Monday, June 2, 2014

A little catching up. . . .

I really have no excuse for not blogging lately.  As I've mentioned before, I consider my blog an online scrapbook.  I guess I'm not doing so well when my little scrapbook is missing several chunks of time.

I'm devoting this post to catching up a bit before adding lots of new posts about fun summer adventures!

To pick up where I left off in February. . . . .

My Friend JET sent me these beautiful flowers for St. Valentine's Day.  He also planned a special day in Jefferson, TX for flea marketing - one of my favorite things.  It turned out to be a lovely holiday in my book.

I enjoyed Jefferson so much that I returned for a Saturday in March with some friends.  On that trip we ended up eating at an old fashioned sandwich shop on the square in Gilmer.  The pimiento cheese was wonderful.  

Later in March I visited the Rents in Nederland for spring break.  I didn't have any major plans for the week off, but it was nice to spend a few days at home.  I helped the Rents do a little work to the pool-house porch.  We power washed and cleaned, painted and decorated.  It think it turned out really nice.  I know we'll all enjoy it this summer!

In April I attended a Civil War reenactment in Mansfield, Louisiana.  I have to say I really did enjoy the history and drama of the whole event. But y'all, it was hot,  Soooo hot!  It was only April, but sitting out in the open sun with not much of a breeze, it seemed like July.  I think  it's safe to say that if I had lived during the Civil War, I wouldn't have been one of the women that traveled out to the battlefield to observe.  I would have been rocking and fanning out on the porch of my plantation home while sippin' a mint julep. 

I had to work on Good Friday to make up a snow day, but I did make it to Nederland for Easter Sunday.

In May I attended Beau's kindergarten music program in Mesquite and celebrated Mother's Day with the family in Dallas.  I also had a chance to enjoy some great Mexican food at Chuy's while catching up with the Fly Girls.

And now it's June!
This school year has flown by.  I'm ready for summer vacation.  I have two trips planned.  We'll be taking our annual girl's trip to Charleston SC and Savannah GA - Always a great time!  In July I'll be going with the family to TN.  I know both will  be fun.  Check back here and on Facebook and Instagram(baylorbetsy76) to follow along on my travels.