Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beauty Shop!

Zoe. Home from the Beauty Shop, bow and all.

Hey Y'all!

My Savannah Summer Homes Away From Home!

Summer 04 West Taylor Street - off Chatham Square - Looks really big, but only the bottom floor was mine:)

Summer 05 - East Taylor Street off Whitfield Square

Summer 06- East Charlton, Beach Institute

Weekend visit - 05 - Liberty Street (third floor)

I'll pick up where I left off in my last post. . . .I did return to Savannah, In fact I rented a little apartment right off Chatham Square in the Summer of 2004. I stayed for a month. It was great. I really got to feel like a local. I had a lot of company, my friends and family all came to visit. I met my neighbors and made friends with others living on Chatham Square. I met Dana and his dog Mandy. I had gotten Zoe just a couple of weeks before going, she was sooooo tiny. Dana was helpful with directions to Walmart, restaurant suggestions, directions to the airport (had to pick up all my visitors), local hang outs, day trips and so much more. Mandy and Baby Zoe hit it off right away.

I returned to Savannah again in 2005 for a month where I stayed just off Whitfield Square and again for a month in 2006 where I stayed in a Beach Institute Bungalow. I have also taken a few other short weekend trips to Savannah to over the years. During my grad school years money and time were lacking so the long trips to Savannah came to an end. I'm looking forward to going back this summer. Too bad Zoe won't be making the trip, she went with me on all three long summer trips and enjoyed romping about in all the squares and in Forsyth Park.

H - you are right, there will be a Paula Deen visit on this trip.

The Lady and Sons - West Congress Street, near City Market

On my first long trip to Savannah in 2004, Paula wasn't all that big yet. She had her first show on Food Network, but she was still relatively a local celebrity. It was not unusual to see her or the boys around the Historic District or out and about at the Lady and Sons. Matter of fact on my firsts day in town I was walking on Broughton Street and stopped at a light waiting to cross, I looked over and Jamie Deen was standing next to me. Cool. The next summer Christa and I met both the boys and had a chance to talk with them. They were getting ready to come to Texas and film an episode of there show Road Tasted. They ask us a bunch of questions about places to eat in Dallas. Then a couple of years ago we met Paula again at a book signing in the metroplex. We made up a little song for her to the tune of Deep in the Heart Of Texas.
Paula Deen, Our Southern Queen
Deep in the Heart of Texas
Reminds us of, the food we love
Deep in the Heart of Texas
We sang it really loud when it was our turn to meet her,(claps and all) Tad took pictures. I'll see if I can find some to post. She probably thought we were nuts. But all my books are signed:)

I know we will go back to the Lady and Sons this summer, if any of the Deens are in the house, I'll be sure to get pics. However, In the years since I've last visited Savannah, Paula has become a huge celebrity. She has 3 TV shows and The Food Network does a special on her for just about any event, family vacation, etc. She as too many books to count. They boys have two books now and a TV show of their own. She has her own magazine and cookware line. She has a line of eye glasses and her own line of rugs. She is her own brand name. So with that said, I seriously doubt we'll see any of the Deen crew just strolling around downtown.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sweet Savannah!

This summer I will be going to one of my favorite places - ever. Savannah, Georgia. I'll be going there in June on vacation with my friend Amy Jane. There are many reasons I love Savannah and over the next few weeks I'll tell you some of those reasons. I couldn't possibly put all the reasons in just one post, so I'll spread it out.

Some of you know I've spent a considerable about of time in Savannah and even considered moving there.
My first trip to Savannah was in July of 2002. Steffi, Christa and I headed there after we attended a wedding in Georgia. We immediately loved the city. It's very charming. You really do feel as though you've stepped back in time when your in the Historic District. On that trip we only stayed about 2 or 3 days and we had to get back home, but I know I would return.

If you have never traveled to the Low Country, it is a trip worth taking.

The city was settled by Gen. James Edward Oglethorpe in 1733.
It is the oldest city in Georgia.
It's is home of the country's larges Historic District.
It was build on a grid (the 24 city squares)- see map.

I'll share some more facts and some of my favorite things about the city in the weeks to come.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Favorites!

I've decide that in order to help me post on a more regular basis, I'll start a weekly series. I call it Friday Favorites! I'll post about some things that I really like. This will include products, fashion, food, entertainment etc. I'd love to have your comments on my faves or feel free to share some of your faves.

My Favorite movies . . . . I have a few. Its way to hard to narrow it down to one.

Favorite Classic Film: Gone with the Wind:

I love this 1939 film for many reasons. The musical score is great and the costumes are beautiful but I guess most of all I love the story. Scarlet O'Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler is the main character. She is far too complicated a woman to begin to describe. If you haven't read the book or seen he movie, you need to. The movie is a little different from the book.

A couple of Summers ago I visited the Margret Michell (author of the book) House in Atlanta, Georgia. Also a fun outing if you are traveling through the Atlanta area.

Favorite all time movie: Steel Magnolias

I love this 1989 movie based the screen play by Robert Harling. It's about his real life sister, Susan, who died an early death due to complications from diabetes. It's also about the women who supported her and their mother during that time. This is a Southern Belle "Must See" movie. It will make you laugh and cry.

Favorite Quote:
"My colors are Blush and Bashful, Momma." - Shelby

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Church

I am a member at Lakeside Baptist Church in Dallas. I've been attending there for about a year and I joined sometime last Fall.

Before Lakeside, I was a member at the First Baptist Church of Dallas for over 8 years. I enjoyed my time there, but felt it was time to find somewhere closer to home. I know FBC Dallas isn't that far, seeing as I live in Dallas, but it is located in the heart of downtown. I found myself being a Sunday morning member. It was really hard to make it downtown on weeknights, especially while finishing Grad School. Now that I'm at Lakeside, which is literally across the street from my home, I find myself going back to church on Sunday night and Wednesday night. It's enabled me to really feel like it's my church home and I've been able to develop friendships.

I joined the Choir a few weeks ago and I'm enjoying being part of the worship services. We will be presenting the musical Lift up Your Eyes on May 31st. Everyone is welcomed to attend.
P.S. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I guess I've just been a little lazy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Zoe!

Zoe McGee Erwin
April 2, 2004
Happy 5th Birthday Zoe!

Here are some pics of Zoe through the years:

East Texas, Traveling Zoe

Christmas Pic

Christmas Pic

In Savannah, just a few weeks old.

Zoe and Mandy - so tiny

Christmas Pictures take a lot out of you.

Sweet girl.


Her favorite spot - her bed.

Zoe was a gift from my parents. Family friends, the Crofts, own her mother. After she was born my mom went over and took pictures for me, she looked like a little rat. She was so tiny. My parents got her sometime in May and kept her until school was out and I could come get her. I think that is why she loves the Rents so much. That, and the doggie door.

As soon as school was out I made the trip to Nederland to meet her. Together we headed to Savannah, Georgia where I rented an apartment for the summer. I didn't know it at the time but it was the perfect place to vacation with a new puppy. Savannah is a very "dog friendly "town. Zoe enjoyed playing in Chatham Square everyday with her new friends. Mandy, Dana's dog, was Zoe's first BFF. I returned to Savannah for two more summers and Mandy and Zoe always loved playing together.

Zoe's B-Day activities will include:
Sleep late - not too late, mom has work.
Go to Daycare - (you can check her out on the web cam)
B-day trip to Petco
Special treats with dinner (mandarin oranges)
An extra long walk to visit neighbors