Thursday, July 21, 2011

Celebrate good times. . . .

Wow.  It's been a crazy summer already.  I  moved to Tyler in June but have only been there 12 days.  I've been in Nederland this past week for a couple of very important celebrations.  First, my mom retired after 38 years of service in education.  We figured all the stats and realized she has taught every grade 1-8, except 4th and had been both and elementary and high school librarian.  We gave her a little retirement dinner for close friends and family.  Unfortunately, after the party started I forgot to take more pics, so I just have a few from the beginning of the evening. 

The dinner was at the Schooner, a favorite local restaurant. The the theme of the party was "Lynn's Forever Summer."  Guests were asked to bring a book for the former librarian's summer reading list. She got lots of great books.  She'll be reading well into the Fall.

Jeff Kuchar made the cake, he also make S and T's wedding cake.  Our friend Linda B. made the delicious strawberry lemonade cupcakes.  Mom's long time teaching buddy, Mrs Turk shared some laughs about all there good times together.  Congrats Mom.

Next we celebrated Beau's 3rd birthday. 

There was a bounce house at the church for VBS registration, but Beau thought it was there for his B-Day. 

 Later, at his party he got  Spider Man,
 Mater mower bubble machine,

A Car's book that makes cool sounds,
 A Spider Man cape,
 Some cool sidewalk chalk and lot of other stuff.
 Mater was a big hit.
 Bud got his toy chopper out too.

I'm headed back to Tyler tomorrow.  I still have lots to get done before I go to work.  VBS was great.  I worked with the 3 year olds.  It was lots of fun, but I'm glad to have a break.

I promise to post some pics of the new place next week.  Also, I do have some change of address cards that I plan to mail out soon.  Things have just been very busy. 

Please note - I have a new email address. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

I've been a bad blogger. . . .

Sorry I've been gone for so  long, but I have a good excuse.  I just got the Internet going at my new place a couple of days ago.  I'm in Nederland for a few days.  I came home to celebrate with Mom.  She is retiring after 38  years in education. Snaps for Lynn!  I'll post some pic of our little celebration later.  Also tomorrow is Beau's 3rd B-Day!  We'll be having a party for him too. 

I'm almost all unpacked.  I've only had one major set back.  My air conditioner went out last week, so I was in Nederland a few days then too while my land lord had a new unit installed.  All is well now, I just need to get home and get it all finished before I have to start work. 

I plan on staying in Nederland until Wednesday or Thursday, then I'm headed back to Tyler for the weekend.  BFF, Christa will be joining me to check out the new digs. 

I have lots of pics of the new place to post soon.  I'll also mail out the change of address cards sometime next week.