Saturday, August 31, 2013

Birthday Blues and Bliss!

Birthday Blues.

I recently turned 37.

I've noticed a few shallow wrinkles on my forehead and between my eyes for the past few years.  Today I made the mistake of lowering the visor in my car to check my make up in the vanity mirror.  Vain - What I saw was my punishment for being vain.  There I was at a red light in downtown Tyler with natural light pouring in the sunroof and the vanity mirror just inches from my face. The fine lines weren't fine at all.  They seemed deeper than ever.  I guess I've reached the age where I will avoid looking at my skin up close in natural light.  Don't get me started on my 10 times magnifying mirror that I use to tweeze my eye brows.  It's evil. 

This weekend I plan to visit the cosmetic counter and pick up my first real wrinkle cream.  It  guess it was bound to happen. 

Birthday Bliss.

On the up side.  My birthday was made sweeter by great friends and family. My parents made the trip to Tyler fro the weekend before my birthday.  Steffi and Tad joined us that evening for dinner at the Potpourri House!  I spent the rest of the weekend with friends and resting up for the start of school. 

I had dinner with the Tyler friends on my actual birthday! Good times. 

Last weekend I met up with Steffi and Amy in Canton for a little girl time.  You can't beat Dairy Palace!

I was blessed with some great birthday goodies including: wall art, a cute bear paw necklace, colorful gel pens, a cute scarf, a Baylor shirt, heavy duty chevron magnets, Brighton ear rings, an antique coffee grinder, cute monogrammed chevron tote bag, monogrammed oilcloth trash bag for my car, spending cash , a new cell phone and several great meals! 


You'll notice several of my birthday gifts have a chevron pattern.  I know it's trendy right now, but I'm a huge fan the chevron pattern!

Note:  Steffi made and monogrammed the tote bag and the car trash bag. I have a very talented sister! 

Wrinkles and all - I'm a very lucky girl! 

School is off to a great start.  But as always, the first few weeks of every school year really wear me out.  I'm planning of doing a lot of nothing this holiday weekend. 

Have a great weekend everyone!