Monday, February 3, 2014

February Already?

This past weekend The Rents were in town! Mom's school district got Friday off for the Asian New Year so they decided to head to East Texas for a little get away.  I met them in Canton Friday afternoon for some First Monday shopping.  The weather was perfect and it wasn't that crowded at all!  We spent most of the time in the junky area out back where the good flea market stuff is found.  Mom found a beautiful antique wash stand - of course, I didn't get a picture.

We also found these vintage Pyrex bowls. We've been searching for two matching sets for a while now.  I think we almost have them, we just need one more red  bowl!
Here is the original add.  The whole set was only $2.49 - What a deal!  I didn't buy much in Canton, but I still enjoy just strolling along and looking at all the cool stuff. 

Steffi, Tad and Beau joined the fun after they finished school and we headed to Cracker Barrel - because it's awesome!  Who can resist the country store?  Cheerwine always makes me long for summer vacation.  I can't wait.

Check out all of the these Cracker Barrel goodies!  I've been seeing this Vintage Cakes book on several baking blogs lately and I love the vintage kitchen clock.  I think I may have to go back and get the colorful tea/coffee cups and saucers. I think it's a given that Honey-B may need the Bee tea set! 

As usual, a trip to Cracker Barrel with Rose and Bud, means prize selection time for Beau!  Here he is with Rose, inspecting his options.

Lastly, a visit with The Rents is never complete without a trip to Barnes and Noble. . . . and coffee!  It was a great weekend with the my family.