Monday, November 8, 2010

Sorry I've been away again.  I've been sick this past week.  I went back to school today and I'm feeling better. 

 KXA Girls
A couple of weeks ago I headed down to Baylor to attend the 20th Anniversary Luncheon for my Sorority, Kappa Chi Alpha.  It was fun seeing all the girls and I was pleased to see how well our little group is doing now.  The current KXA girls planned the lunch and the program and it was very nice.  I hope I can stay in touch with some of these girls from now on.  It's shouldn't be to hard with Facebook and Blogs and Email.  We've come a long way :)

Ashlee Ross and Me
On Halloween I stopped the  Trunk or Treat at Steffi and Tad's church.  Beau went as a dragon.  Somehow I didn't get a still picture of him in his Dragon Cape.  I had switched my camera to video and the only pics of him in his costume are videos, which I didn't know I was taking so they are a little weird.  Sorry.  Beau also really enjoyed the bounce house.  It may be a good Birthday party idea for the future.  I tried to load what pics I did get to the blog, but they wouldn't work??? I'll try again later.
This next weekend I was supposed to take off Friday and go with Amy to Arkansas, but I've missed so much school lately being sick that I really need to save my days.  I'm sorry I'll miss the road trip but I'm sure she and her cousin Page will have a great time.  GO HOGS!

I'll probably just hang around here and maybe catch a movie. 

Sorry I've been such a bad blogger lately. I'll try to do better.